About Irregular

Established in 2017, IRRegular believes in the need to explore the field of International Relations, especially in Indonesia. Without denouncing its academic roots, this platform was created out of the call for academic innovation and more importantly to explore the extent of the discipline. Therefore, IRRegular devoted to being a unified vessel for all kind of scholars and practitioners to share, explore, discuss, promote and learn without discriminating the varieties, diversity, and colors that enrich the study of International Relations.

IRRegular proudly hosts regular guest contributions aside from the contributing teams, and we open our platform to national and international scholars, experts, journalists and other writers who celebrate their peculiarity into the website. We also encourage younger scholars and early-career academics to write and publish their works in IRRegular with the help of our editors. In the future, we wish to diversify the contents of our platform to help develop academic traditions in Indonesia.

IRRegular covers International Relations issues and everything related to it, across a wide range of formats, perspectives, theories, and cases. We are looking forward to seeing the fresh idea and interesting pieces from our contributors.

For now IRRegular has four segments namely:

Daily Hoot—the contents are open to both our content writing team and guest contributors; this section consisted of analysis, opinion, polemic, short essay, theory talk, relevant satire, book reviews, and anecdotes.

The Nest—consisted of commentaries which can be submitted by undergraduate students focused on salient contemporary issues in International Relations.

IR for fun—a segment for a community to share and review the ongoing pop culture and different aspects of International Relations that the readers might appreciate.

The Life of a—a segment to be up close and personal with various people with the diverse background in the world, we would get personal insights coming from people from all over the world who are working their way to make the world a better place. It is our way to show gratitude and appreciation to the peculiars out there.